Adding an addition to your home? Most people think room additions are all about knocking out a wall and adding on a family room or expanding an existing room on the ground floor. But did you ever think about going UP, not out?

Room additions are a great idea – they can provide more space for a growing family, accommodate changing lifestyles, and provide greater functionality. But putting on an addition does not limit you to the ground floor. Have you thought about adding a second floor to your house? You can turn a ranch or Cape Cod style house into a beautiful colonial home just by adding a second floor.

Second floor additions can save you money.

That’s right. Second floor additions can actually save you money. Think about it. No foundation work or site preparation, no additional landscaping expense, no new plot plans. You’re not even changing how your house sits on your property. You’re going UP, not out.

In fact, by adding a second floor you can add several bedrooms and a bath or two without increasing the footprint of your home! And a second floor addition frees up space downstairs, enabling you to modify your existing floor plan and change first floor rooms around without a lot of added expense. Today’s TGI beams – laminated wood weight-bearing spans – mean homeowners don’t have to worry about floor plans based on weight-bearing walls. Spanning the width of the house and supported on front and back walls, TGI beams allow for a wide range of room designs and floor planning, enabling you to maximize your existing space and put on the second floor addition of your dreams.

So before you settle for just blowing out a wall and adding a ground floor room, consider a second floor addition that can provide more than just additional space, without a lot of additional expense.

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