Wilmington House


A first-time homebuyer is under the impression that he or she must buy re-sale in order to learn what it is like to be a homeowner. This can be helpful for some, but is not necessarily a requirement for homeowners. Some first-time buyers have decided to actually buy land in an area they love and have a structure built. Can this be pricey? Yes it can, although so can the constant maintenance and reconstruction that could happen when dealing with an older house. With the recent problems of flooding, existing structures could not handle a great amount of water because they simply were not designed to.  For example, if there were large amounts of water entering through bulkhead doors or cracks in 80-year-old foundations, a newer home could have been built to withstand the trials of modern day abusive weather by utilizing the most modern means for keeping a home safe from flooding.

Keep in mind that building a house or having a house built from a model home is not the same as designing one. There are many options when thinking of building a house over buying one re-sale; and one of the most important things to do is to contact a builder in order to find out what the best option is for budget and location. CJM Builders, Inc, a quality company for 18 years, specializes in the construction and reconstruction of structures whether for residential or commercial use. Making an appointment for a consultation with experts such as CJM Builders, Inc will help the homebuyer make comprehensive decisions while being guided by a professional who can list the pros and cons associated with each home option.

For some, choosing a model home is the most economical option and fits their style exactly. Model homes are designed using modern construction for the interior and exterior of the house. For example, in a city like Las Vegas, NV people who are thinking of buying a home go to a ranch-like location filled with differently designed model homes. The homebuyer picks a structure and is then given pallets for color schemes, accents, and so on, in order to make the new home conducive to their vision.  Although such an idea can provide a stylish and customized-feeling home, for many it isn’t a dream home. These structures are built with limited options and availabilities for space and price. They may appear to be designed by the homeowner, but are actually customized, which is something quite different.

Designing a home takes an architect, a builder and a flexible budget. There isn’t any way around it, designing a home from the ground up is the most expensive option but the end result can be so satisfying that the cost is insignificant when living in a home that is uniquely designed and built to the absolute specifications of an individual or family. Keep in mind that the rules of design always apply and a contractor or builder cannot build a domicile that is unsafe just for aesthetics sake, but when paying for a custom job, it is safe to say the team will do their best to get the structure as close to the dream as possible. Though many builders can take an existing structure and redesign the rooms in order to support built-in storage and custom-designed closets, when starting from the foundation up you greatly diminish the limitations that an existing structure may present.