The garage was once meant for the car, tools, garbage cans and anything else that a family couldn’t have in the actual home. The evolution of the garage has been quick. Could it be the need for greater storage? Could it be that modern families have decided to utilize all their space? Or maybe the exposure of garage band culture called for the renovation and updating from a car hold, to a room that the car happens to inhabit. Once musty and cold, the garage has grown up, gotten a makeover and new purpose.

The garage space traditionally had a concrete floor, but now there are other, more exciting options. The concept of garage flooring with patterns, colors and designs is catching on at a steady rate. From checkerboard to bold colors, many homeowners are customizing their garage floors in order to create a motif. Whether it is a home based business or just a hang out space, customizing flooring for a garage instantly transforms from dank, cold car storage, to a personalized getaway already part of your home. The checkerboard floor compliments a pinball machine and nostalgic themed wall accents compliment each nicely in a garage game room. Dark, bold flooring is a magnificent platform for a stainless steel grill and a fully installed bar. These additions to a garage structure can keep the fun going long after the summer months have ended.

Possibly, the most popular changes taking place when thinking of the modernization of the garage space is the installation of cabinets. Once dominated with rollaway carts and plastic storage closets, homeowners now have the option of installed shelving and storage units to rival those of a kitchen and even bedroom. Aluminum being popular, durable and now available in an array of colors, is now one of many choices when considering cabinet and closet storage for the garage. Stainless steel polished or unpolished has taken on a huge fan base, but can be pricey, as well as some of the other metal options. Wooden cabinets can add a homey feel and are comparable in cost when considering the metal options. Choosing wooden cabinet installation will bring out a natural look and feel to a modernized structure and instantly transform a room void of personality originally designed for one purpose, in to a warm and inviting extension of the home.

Whether it is to support a home based business, a rock band, or a little hideaway, utilizing the garage as a functioning living space has grown in popularity and necessity and will only continue to do so as the family unit changes. This generation of home buyers grew up remembering to keep their inner child alive, and let him/her out to play once and a while, and there is no better place than a customized room of their very own to keep that child happy.