Spend more time with your family in your new kitchen.When fixing up your home, the kitchen is a great place to start. Improving the space where you eat and prepare your meals can help you to bring about change in other parts of your life, like sticking to a better diet or resolving to be neater in other rooms. Here are a few ways to change the way your kitchen is treating you.

Reprioritize. What do you use your kitchen for? Spending more time with your family is easier if you have somewhere to gather, and mealtime is a convenient and fun time for families to get together. Create a dining area free from clutter and other everyday activities and you’ll find yourself and your family eating together far more often. Go all the way and redesign the other rooms in your home to accommodate the clutter that may be preventing your family from hanging out together. On the other hand, if you want to spend less time eating or socializing at home, minimize the available space in the kitchen. This will encourage you subconsciously to diet, or to go out and participate in activities somewhere else.

Add an island. Islands are great social spots, allowing onlookers to sit and relax while chefs prepare snacks, meals and drinks. Kitchens with islands also boast more storage capacity, as the island provides organized space in the middle of the room. If you’re not into the social kitchen scene, the island also serves as useful extra counter space perfect for chopping vegetables or preparing dessert without getting in the way of the main course.

Knock down a wall. If your kitchen feels small and cramped, consider knocking down a wall and combining your living room or dining area with your kitchen. Endless new possibilities open up in terms of more customized features and furniture. You might finally have space for the useful yet huge appliance you’ve been dying to get, like a dishwasher, or maybe you can create a new dining area. More space for you means less stress.

Hanging pots are easier to deal with than a cabinet full of pots.Solve storage issues. Take advantage of the Internet and do a little research for kitchen storage tips. You’ll find genius ideas you never thought of before. Use magazine racks to organize canned food on your pantry shelves. Mount a strong magnetic strip on the wall to stick big knives to. Grow herbs out of your windowsill. Repurpose one of those 16-pocket hanging shoe organizers for your unwieldy kitchen utensils instead of jamming them all into a drawer. Install tension rods in your pots-and-pans cabinet for additional organization. These tips and more are easy to find on social networks like Pinterest. Take a look at our boards today for examples of our work and follow us to stay updated!

Redo your plumbing. Replace your sink with updated hardware. Get a new refrigerator that has a built-in ice cube maker. This is also a great opportunity to have your septic system and possible grease tank inspected, cleaned or repaired. Essential services and equipment like plumbing need to be maintained and checked regularly because the alternative is cleaning up a really gross mess.

If any of these changes sound appealing or if you have other ideas in mind, contact us today to get started on the kitchen of your dreams. We love to bring your dreams to life and we will take care of you from start to finish. Call us today!