This apartment building has a garden on top with trees and everything!

Whether you want to grow flowers for the fun of it or veggies for your kitchen, gardening is a great hobby. It’s very therapeutic and sometimes it can even help people overcome depression. If you have ever wanted to start a garden but find yourself putting it off, don’t delay any longer! Maybe you need to renovate your home to make it more garden-friendly. Here are a few ideas for gardens that will work with many different types of homes.lawn. This tip seems obvious, but sometimes people get caught up in excuses. “Oh I don’t have a garden, I would but I don’t have any space for one in my lawn.” Well, folks, if you really want a garden, there is probably no one stopping you from pulling up bushes or cutting down trees in your own yard. You can even hire a landscaper to make sure it is done just right.

Convert rooftops. No space you say? Well what are you doing with all that rooftop up there? Apartments with roof access, houses, barns, sheds, and even chicken coops are great structures for adding rooftop gardens. You’ll be saving space and taking advantage of the sunlight and rain that your rooftop ordinarily gets. This type of garden can sometimes improve the insulation of the building and save you some money on utilities. Not only will you be getting food out of the deal, but lowered bills as well. How appealing!

Mount on walls. If you don’t have a yard at all, but you do have outdoor walls you can modify, this might be your best solution for growing your own veggies or other plants. For a basic look you can mount several gutters on one wall and just add dirt and plants. Be sure to use the wall that gets the most sun – you won’t get results in the shade! Get creative and instead of plain old gutters, you can use rubber boots (pick up a bunch at the thrift shop) or go for more traditional clay planters. If you can stick a plant in it you can probably find a way to mount it!

Use your windowsills. This is another obvious tip, but worth mentioning anyway. Even if you are planning on an outdoor garden area, you can still start your seedlings early by taking advantage of any sunny windowsills. If you don’t have access to any outdoor settings, make it a dedicated garden window. If you don’t have windowsills, consider window boxes that rest just outside of the window.

Build a greenhouse. A greenhouse can provide a more plant-friendly climate and keep your garden safe from animals. It’s also a lot easier to stay organized in there. If your garden plans include any serious construction, you may want to get a contractor involved to make your dreams come to life. Call us today to see how we can help!