CJM Builders - Custom Bathroom DesignsIt’s one thing to dream about home improvements but it’s quite another to sit down and plan out the details. Fortunately, you found the CJM Builders blog full of great tips and ideas for your home!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Replacing a dirty, dingy old mirror in favor of a clean, crisp new one can make you feel like the fairest of them all every day. Go big – your bathroom will feel like a larger space with a larger mirror. With the right lights, you’ll feel like a star in the dressing room every time you wash your hands. You’ll be amazed at the boost in your self-esteem just from replacing a shiny piece of glass!

Let there be light. Huge windows aren’t exactly a big part of maintaining your privacy, but they do wonders for lighting in a room. If your bathroom shares a wall with the exterior of your house, there are ways to let the light in without putting your bathroom on display. Custom windows and blinds can solve the problem. Taking advantage of natural lighting will save you money on your electric bill and create a more clean and pure feel to your bathroom environment.

Customize storage options. Sure, everybody’s got a couple towel hooks on the door, but why not make your mornings a little easier and install custom storage solutions to fit your personal hygiene routine? For a shared bathroom, why not add some custom pull-out drying racks for multiple towels? Reading enthusiasts might consider adding a bookshelf that you can reach from the bathtub. What about a laundry chute? The sky’s the limit!

CJM Builders - Walk-In ShowerShower in style. It’s the 21st century, after all, so treat yourself to a fancy, modern walk-in shower with removable handheld shower heads, shower tiles, programmable waterfall settings and more. Custom showers offer all of the same glorious luxury as big bathtubs without the huge time commitment. You can be in and out of a shower in five minutes – not that you’ll want to!

Go bold with new paint. Even small spaces can impress with a strategic paint job. Unifying your color scheme, from your toilet to your towels to the color on the walls, can create a sleek style. Consider the effect of pure white fixtures, jet black accessories, and a black and white pattern on the walls. For a cheerful look, choose two bright colors that go well together and use them throughout the room. Not sure about color matching? We can help from start to finish on any bathroom or other home improvement projects.

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