Basement Remodeling IdeasFor many family homes, the basement has become a room to finish, enjoy and spend time in. Rather than using it for storage, there are many great ways to use the extra space.

Chore Central. Keep your laundry private by moving your less elegant appliances to the basement. If you regularly entertain guests, your house will seem polished and sophisticated with the laundry hidden away. You’ll have space to air dry your clothes, which can save you money on your electric bill. You can also store your bulky cleaning supplies and appliances down here, like vacuum cleaners.

Entertainment Zone. Many families use the big basement space to set up a fantastic entertainment center. This can include big flat screen televisions, video game consoles, DVD players and DVR machines, surround sound speakers, and much more. Other possibilities for bulky entertainment include air hockey tables, pool tables, ping pong, or any game you like. Some video game enthusiasts like to collect arcade-style games!

Man Town or Ladies Lounge. Sometimes you just need a place to call your own. Man Town is a classic concept of a place where a man can retreat in his own home and do everything his way. Ladies Lounge is the female version. Either way, this type of room often features a full bar with stools and beer on tap. How neat would that be at home?

Workshop or craft studio. If you have a hobby that takes up a lot of space, like woodworking or painting, why not create a dedicated area in your home for it? Set up the tools you need for your carpentry. Leave your art projects out until you finish them. Set up a darkroom and develop your own film or create a portrait studio. Get creative!

Recording studio and practice room. Every musician needs a place to practice, and some musicians have more instruments than they know what to do with! Turn your basement into a musician’s wonderland and install soundproofing or other acoustic enhancements in the very walls. Add recording devices and you might just be on your way to fame!