When you think of home improvement projects, you’re probably thinking of kitchen renovations and remodeling the bathroom. Laundry rooms are often overlooked, but there are so many ways that you can transform laundry from a tedious chore into a quick and easy task. Getting clothes dirty is a built-in part of life, so make laundry a task that’s built right into your home.

Laundry Chute. This feature is popular in older homes but many modern homes still take advantage of the convenience of a laundry chute. The idea is that the clothes washer and dryer are located in the basement of the house. Instead of carrying heavy laundry down from the upper floors of the house, why not let gravity do the work for you and just drop the dirty clothes in the laundry chute? You can place a basket at the bottom of the chute to catch the laundry.

Basket System. There are many ways to use laundry baskets as a system instead of just a container for clothes. Family laundry can become easier when each member has their own separate laundry basket. When each load of laundry contains clothes from only one person, figuring out the owner of each article is no longer an issue, especially for families with multiple children. If that’s not a feasible solution, consider using separate baskets for your whites, darks and colors. Get creative to figure out a system that works best for you and your specific laundry needs.

Sink and Drying Racks. “I’ve already got a washer and dryer, what do I need a sink and drying racks for?” you might be asking yourself. Well, sadly, not everything is machine washable. Having a sink and drying rack dedicated for laundry means you’ll never have to wash your delicates in the same sink you wash dishes.  Helpful for handling tough stains and quick cleanup, you may find that a laundry sink is the perfect addition.

Ironing Board. These things can get heavy and bulky and storage can be a real pain. Having an ironing board that is built into the wall can be a huge relief. If you do a lot of ironing, you may want to consider a custom ironing setup for your lifestyle. Compared to clearing the room, setting up the table, ironing the clothes, and putting it all away again, having an ironing board that just folds down seems like a real no-brainer.

Do you have any other solutions for making laundry easier? What’s your system? Is it working for you? Let us know! Call us today with any questions or ideas about future projects in your home.