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My name is Scott Maloney and I was asked to write a testimonial for CJM Builders Inc. about our experience with them in building our new custom home. My wife Cheryl and I were most pleased with the outcome of the entire job, so here is a summary of our relationship with CJM.

I found CJM Builders Inc. online in 2015 to get a quote on a commercial renovation at one of my family’s businesses. We needed two high traffic restrooms located at a local school bus company that we own renovated. CJM’s quote was the middle of three that we had received. The reason my sister and I decided to go with CJM was the straight forward and no nonsense attitude of the representative we met with for quote on the job. His name, Brian Morin. The job was done efficiently, professionally, and most importantly on TIME, just as Brian had promised us and time frame was huge factor on that job!

Brian and I had a conversation at the time of that job about my own home in Bedford, MA, which I was thinking of tearing down to rebuild. One of our other family business is a small construction company, dealing with excavation and site work. The task of being the general contractor of my own home along with everything else in my busy work schedule was an overwhelming thought. Brian’s comment to me was “You can pay me X amount of dollars to do it, I’ll do all the worrying and get the job done, or you can do it yourself and get totally stressed out!” I had plans drawn up and put out them to bid. CJM’s quote was the best. Brian and I had another meeting to discussed what I was going to be responsible for as the site contractor. This is all very different from your average builder/homeowner relationship but was handled very professionally by CJM. A contract was drawn up and signed. A time frame was also an important part of this job, having it completed within 9 Months!

A date was set for the start of the job and I was responsible for the teardown and new foundation, both were done on schedule for construction to begin. CJM took over the building from there, with myself involved as the site work contractor. Working together with Brian in a contractor to contractor relationship was a pleasure. From the start of the actual house construction all of CJM’s men and their sub-contractors were on site. There was rarely a day that there was not something going on to get this project finished on time. This was a very important facet of construction to see based on all of my years working in the industry. The craftsmanship on all of the work performed was top notch, with Brian constantly checking out the quality of work and staying on top of all that was going to ensure our schedule was met. With all of the rough construction complete, the finish work began, once again, on time.

There were some changes made by my wife and me along the way, and some were pretty substantial. All were dealt with in a most professional manner, even though I personally know what changes can do to a timeline, Brian never baulked and always said, “That’s no problem, we can get that done.” The changes were all dealt with to our satisfaction and beyond. These are a few of them. A coffered ceiling, built in fire place with shelves and barn doors to hide the TV, rough planked ceiling and beams, added tile work, and more. The custom finish work done by CJM’s employees was outstanding and completed with much thought and care. The subcontractors including the plumber, electrician, finish carpenters, and painting contractor were all excellent to work with and also outstanding in all of their work. Again, I must state that having to be on the job doing the site work put me there way more than the average homeowner would be, but I left Brian to his tasks and I took care of mine working together to get the job done. Brian’s experience in being a general contractor shows with his knowledge in all facets of construction and when to schedule things to keep everyone moving toward the finish line. The job was completed 9 months to the day of the tear down, again finishing the job within the time frame given. My wife and I would, without a doubt recommend CJM Builders Inc. to anyone looking for any type of project that they needed done…whatever it may be, commercial, residential, remodel, addition, or new home CJM Builders Inc. would be the way to go!

Bedford MA

Our family of three had been looking to move from Arlington to Lexington for a couple of years, as with many other families, driven by a desire to have our 9-year old son be part of one of the better public school systems in the state and country. When the spring of 2015 arrived, we knew we had to make it happen that year. And, luckily we got to meet Brian Morin of CJM Builders and our realtor Jonathan de Araujo of RE/MAX Leading Edge.

It started one evening in March in Jonathan’s office in Lexington Center – we met Brian for the first time to hear about the house that he and CJM Builders was planning to build at 22 Ledgelawn Avenue. Brian had come prepared with large-scale drawings and a spec document to outline his plan. We hit it off and a one-hour meeting became a two-hour one – given that we were new to this, we liked the fact that Brian was open to our questions and willing to suggest things and guide us towards a decision. First and foremost, he agreed to not finish the third floor since we did not need that space. But he still plumbed all the necessary lines through so that it would be easier for us to finish at a later point, if needed. Over that meeting and subsequent discussions, we agreed to make several changes to the family room as well as the upstairs bedroom/bathroom/laundry room and signed the P&S in April with an agreed upon completion date of early August.

However that was not the end of our dialogues. We felt that the whole project was collaborative – that was important for our family since we wanted to be involved and Brian was very open to it (even 7:30 am conversations onsite when I would drop in on my way to work in Bedford). Brian had a very good team working for him – we got to interact with folks such as Mike, Jose and Scott as well and found them all very helpful. We were able to make our own selections for various things ranging from bathroom fittings and door handles to bathroom/kitchen countertops and hardwood floors, and worked with Brian and his suppliers on them. What we liked is that as Brian got to know our tastes/preferences he would often guide us towards more cost-effective alternatives.

Given that we were planning to start our son in the Lexington Schools in Fall 2016 it was important that we be in possession of the house by August – Brian stuck to his promised schedule and made that happen (we closed on August 13th). We love our new house and certainly have Brian and his team at CJM to thank for making it a reality. What worked really well for us was that good balance we were able to achieve with Brian between having the ability to make changes to suit our tastes/needs and having a pre-defined plan.

We have stayed in touch with Brian and are certainly recommending him to other friends that are looking to move homes in the area.


Sanjay & Shanthi

My husband and I highly recommend CJM Builders for their professionalism, time management and most of all their communication with us throughout our home remodel project. We never felt as though we were “left out of the loop” and we were always aware of the next stage/scope of work that was to be performed. There were no surprises!

The project went with much ease and we enjoyed watching the progress being made more than we had originally thought we would.

We thoroughly enjoy our new surroundings and would not have done it any different! CJM Builders has earned our trust and we highly recommend them for any project needed.





Darlene & Don Kenney

Wilmington, MA

Thank you so much for building our dream home.  It was a great experience and I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and help getting us back to our new home.
Don & Kim Chamberlain

I wanted to give you a recap of our feelings toward the job you did for us at 7 Highland St. Wakefield, Ma.

First of all your statement to me at the very beginning of our association that “I could relax and everything would be done at exactly the price quoted” was true. Thank you! We had no wiggle room.

The time at which the job was completed and the quality was very commendable. I’m not any kind of expert on major construction so I relied on the bank’s inspector who repeatedly gave you very high marks for the job site and they way you conducted business. He was your true advocate.

This was the largest undertaking for us in our lives and we had everything riding on it. We needed to find someone we could trust. Speaking of trust, I appreciate you advising us that the bank had overpaid you in error. It has been brought to the bank’s attention that you did that!

I never in my life dreamed I would be doing a $1mil+ build out. It was very stressful at times and although we went bank & forth on some issues Cheryl and I have always felt grateful that God put you in our lives at this time. I don’t think we could have ever worked through all the issues we encountered with anyone else.

Dick DelRossi

We just wanted to thank you for building our new home for us. Your professionalism and personal touches exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making our experience of building so enjoyable. We absolutely love our new home.
Julie, Garry, Dylan & Jenna

We were extremely pleased with CJM Builders when they renovated our home. They were the only contractors that provided us with a timeline up front and worked hard to keep pace with their proposal. Brian was easily accessible and always responsive throughout the construction process. We are grateful to CJM Builders for a job well done!
Michelle & Steve Goldner