Four Reasons You Need a Deck

Have you ever considered the addition of a deck to your home? CJM Builders specializes in residential construction projects of all kinds from start to finish. A deck is a multipurpose area that can help you spend more time outdoors and less time hiding from Mother...

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What’s the Deal with Mudrooms?

Not every home has a mudroom, although they are a common feature in New England homes due to the seasonal ever-changing climate. The purpose of this room is to provide a place for people to kick off their shoes, hang up their coats, and basically shed all their...

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Clever Laundry Room Solutions

When you think of home improvement projects, you’re probably thinking of kitchen renovations and remodeling the bathroom. Laundry rooms are often overlooked, but there are so many ways that you can transform laundry from a tedious chore into a quick and easy task....

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Five Suggestions for Revamping Your Bathroom

It’s one thing to dream about home improvements but it’s quite another to sit down and plan out the details. Fortunately, you found the CJM Builders blog full of great tips and ideas for your home! Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Replacing a dirty, dingy old mirror in...

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Commercial Construction Services

Here at CJM Builders, we are proud to offer commercial construction services to companies and businesses throughout Massachusetts and New England. Commercial construction demands the utmost professionalism and perfectionism, not to mention a vast range of skills,...

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Wondering what to do in cold weather?

Here in New England, cold weather is approaching fast, which typically means that people will be spending more time indoors. Here are a few interior improvement suggestions for making your house a home no matter what season it is. Mudroom. A mudroom is a room for...

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Five Basement Remodeling Ideas

For many family homes, the basement has become a room to finish, enjoy and spend time in. Rather than using it for storage, there are many great ways to use the extra space. Chore Central. Keep your laundry private by moving your less elegant appliances to the...

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Five Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Space

When fixing up your home, the kitchen is a great place to start. Improving the space where you eat and prepare your meals can help you to bring about change in other parts of your life, like sticking to a better diet or resolving to be neater in other rooms. Here are...

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Five Ways to Add a Garden to Your Home

Whether you want to grow flowers for the fun of it or veggies for your kitchen, gardening is a great hobby. It’s very therapeutic and sometimes it can even help people overcome depression. If you have ever wanted to start a garden but find yourself putting it off,...

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Five Awesome Ways to Take Advantage of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time began Sunday for forty-eight of America’s fifty states, giving most Americans an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day. Outdoor activity will be increasing as the months grow warmer. Here are five great suggestions for taking advantage of...

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